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Candy History and Lore


Chocolate Turtles A descriptive term for a candy that is made from chocolate, pecans, and caramel. The name turtle was coined because the arrangement of the nuts sticking out from under the chocolate make a person think of a turtle. The four legs are the nuts, while the head and tail are formed by extra chocolate runoff.


Pecan turtles have been made for many years; it appears that turtles date from the 1930s. We have found companies which claim to have been making chocolate turtles for 80-years. What we are sure of is that they have existed from the mid-1940s as Nestle was issued a trademark in 1946 for a candy confection called (Turtles).


Over the years the chocolate turtle has been described as a confection made from chocolate, caramel, and pecans. But it has also been made from other nuts in the form of cashews, macadamia nuts, and almonds. Turtles have been covered in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even white chocolate. Others have also been painted with colored cocoa butter and chocolate. But a key fact is that they are NOT made from turtles and they do not contain turtle meat.


This candy is also known by many other names including: chocolate caramel pecan turtles, chocolate turtles, chocolate caramel turtles, and pecan patties. Some candy makers also call them caramel pecan patties and even katydids.


Making Classic Chocolate Turtles


A common method for making turtles is to fill a sheet pan with a single layer of roasted pecans; either whole or pieces, depending on the effect you wish to have. Then a funnel is used to deposit by dripping a small circle of melted caramel on top of the nuts. When the caramel is cooled the circles of nuts and caramel are removed from the waste nuts and are chocolate covered.


Another method is to drop a circle of chocolate on a sheet pan then place four nuts to form the legs. A circle of melted caramel is added and once it is cooled another blob of chocolate is placed over the caramel. The nuts are not totally covered just used to hold the caramel and nutmeats together.


The third method is to mould a turtle shaped shell then add caramel and a pecan and the final step is capping with more chocolate. The benefit is that the caramel and nutmeat is completely covered and the turtles stay fresher longer. But were never had any chocolate turtles stay around long enough to know how long they stay fresh.


A final method is to mould a shell of chocolate and the fill it will a mixture of caramel and pecans to form a nut cup. The turtle is then capped with chocolate and sealed. This version of a turtle does not have the traditional turtle shape, but rather it is a formed pecan cluster.


No matter how you want to enjoy your turtle or what you want to call it, matters little. Turtles are a traditional confectionary with a long and proud history. Whether you want the tradition pecan or the more exotic cashews or almonds, it is still a turtle to be savored and enjoyed.


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